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MenuData provides a single reliable search for flavors, menu items and foodservice brands

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Market Research

Save time finding which restaurant locations sell specific products over time.

Identify trends

Predict new food and beverage trends through ingredients and flavor profiles

Sales Lead Generation

Identify new chains in order to search and find new restaurant leads instantly.

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We have lots of experience
tracking foodservice trends early.

We've processed millions of foodservice invoices and have supported thousands of restaurants across North America.

Ingredient Trends

Find the fastest growing ingredients across cities in North America for any type of cuisine.

Brand Mentions

MenuData's AI system can track competitor brands quickly, accurately and efficiently.


Capitalize on new trends.
Let us handle the design.

Understand your market in detail and stay ahead of competitors by finding the next big trend and insights. Analyze any food, flavor, or brand — from plant-based to pizza.







Fair, simple pricing for all.

All types of Food and Beverage brands need access to ingredient insights and trends based on regions, so we give you the option to decide how much you need to use.


We offer variable pricing with discounts for larger organizations. Get in touch with us and we’ll figure out something that works for you.

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Can I use MenuData for my clients?

Absolutely. MenuData allows you to utilize this data for integrations in any CRM or marketing system.


Do I get free updates?

Yes. We update all of our software weekly, plus we are constantly adding new components, pages, and features to our platform.


Is there a money back guarantee?

Yup! MenuData comes with a satisfaction guarantee. Submit a return and get your money back.


Do you offer API Integration?

Yes. MenuData has open REST API's connecting into any backend. If you want more information, contact us at

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